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Here at Boost® Software, we pride ourselves on making high-quality PC applications that will keep your computer running fast and smooth like the day you brought it home. We are constantly innovating and improving our existing product line by adding new features and making it even more user-friendly for you.

Along with maintaining our current products, we also constantly work on adding new great products to our lineup. Check back soon to see what we have coming next!

PC HealthBoost®

Looking to speed up your PC or improve its' overall performance and health? Then look no further! PC HealthBoost software automatically optimizes your PC by eliminating registry corruption and other problems, and will have it running like new again with just a few clicks of the mouse!

  • Eliminate errors
  • Speed increase by up to 216%
  • No more blue screens of death

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PC SpeedBoost™

Speed up your PC and get rid of the files and processes that slow your computer down. PC SpeedBoost helps you prevent system crashes and blue screens of death, as well as improves your system boot up times.

  • Gets rid of files that clog up your system, slowing you down
  • Manage CPU Processes easily
  • Improves existing systems to take full advantage of hardware

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Computer drivers are the heart of any system, and we here at Boost Software Inc realized that when we developed award winning DriverBoost. DriverBoost packs a massive punch by updating all your system drivers automatically, with official drivers direct from the manufacturer.

  • Always keeps your PC Drivers up to date
  • Uses official drivers from the manufacturer
  • Uses award-winning matching technology

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Startup Boost

Are you struggling with a slow computer startup? Most people are, and that’s because several programs set themselves to start, right as you start your PC! Startup Boost rids those pesky programs so your PC will fire up in mere seconds, versus minutes.

  • Remove unwanted programs from Startup
  • Increase boot-up speed substantially
  • Safe and Easy to use

Free Download for PC or Free Download for Mac