Boost® Software

Billing & Refund Policy


Boost Software prides itself in its transparency, with our products, pricing, and refund policy. Pricing for all of our products can be found on the Boost Product page.

Basic version of our products, such as the PC HealthBoost initial download, are completely free. Premium versions of our products, which allow full functionality, typically cost $29.97.

Some of our products, such as StartupBoost are 100% free of charge. However, you must provide an email address, which is required to receive support offered on any of our products.
Boost Software does not charge recurring fees for any of our products. All charges are one time only. Boost will always fully disclose the exact amount you will pay, clearly stated, on the purchase page.


Boost Software has a 60-day refund policy from the day of purchase. If a customer is dissatisfied and requests a refund within a 60-day period of purchase of any of our products, we will issue a full refund of the original purchase amount. This will be credited to the original account that was used to purchase the product.

A dissatisfied Boost Software customer may contact us through the support page or email us at We will make every reasonable attempt to assist the customer with technical and product support. If the customer is still not satisfied, we will issue them a full refund of their Boost product(s).

Boost Software will issue a refund for multiple reasons, not limited to the following: a customer who is not satisfied with one of our products, and if their issue cannot be resolved after attempts to assist the customer. Also, Boost will refund any fraudulent and/or unauthorized billing.